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From the Left Seat
Robert Tucknott



February 2015

Fresno will be hosting their biennial Hotter ‘n Hell fly-in on July 17th-19th, 2015.  Please save the date.

As most squadron members know it takes work to put these fly-ins on and we really appreciate those that do the work.  To show our appreciation we need to attend and have fun and get some good training out of it.  I was also told there will be another flying exercise by the Imperial County air squadron and Mariposa has been making noise about doing a fly-in for the last couple of years.  In order to keep our organization vibrant, alive and meaningful we need to not only encourage these fly-ins from other squadrons but give them strong participation as a reward for their hard work.

Make sure your squadron has paid their dues for last year. If it hasn’t, please contact to our treasurer Tim VanDyne at treasurer@wsasas.org. We rely on the dues to keep the work of WSASAS going.

There is a training event for disaster relief for the Bay Area coming up on April 25th at South County Airport E16 at 0900.  Please try to make this event it will be quite worthwhile and we will be able to make a connection to other air squadrons and utilize some of their techniques.

Western States is pulling out of a slump that started several years ago and we are on our way, please help us continue this so we can get back to the good old days; we were doing a lot of flying and having a lot of fun in our competitions. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event.

November 2014

Report on the Imperial Sheriffs Air Squadrons training event held the 14th and 15th of November, 2014 at Borrego Springs Airport.

 This was a great event…there were 6 of us that arrived on Friday night and after getting tied down and getting re-acquainted, we had a great Italian dinner at the restaurant on the field, great food, great company.  After we got our shuttles to our hotels and rested for a good night we were back at the observation deck above the restaurant the following morning at 8:00 a.m.  We were treated to all you can eat breakfast burritos that were prepared by the guests of the Sheriff at the “local hotel”.  Eddie gave a briefing of the event which was locating 4 different targets. The command center, 3 ATVs and 3 men, a brown truck with a couple of ATVs and the victim which had a blue tarp stretched out with a backpack in the center and several people at that location.  We were given a grid box made up by these 4 different check points which you had to find in order to get your next heading and set up the box.

It was an A Typical desert search and rescue which I understand happens all of the time in that area.  What made it more difficult was the number of targets we encountered.   There were literally hundreds of RVs, dune buggies, ATVs and other desert recreational vehicles peppered all over the search site.  We worked with the Deanza search and rescue group on the ground that handled communications and helped to guide us.  We recorded LAT/LONG of all of the targets and kept in communication with search central in order to clear the areas once we were done searching.

I counted at least 14 airplanes on the ramp and we had about 7 or 8 participating.  After the search was completed we reported in and turned in our sheets.  Most of the participants and members of Imperial Air Squadron headed back to Imperial, which was a short distance away, and they had a late afternoon BBQ and results.  I had other obligations in Southern California and went on to those and forego the BBQ, hopefully the results will come shortly and we can put them in our bulletin.

It was a great event, we really appreciate Imperial for putting this on, they did a superb job and we all learned a lot.  Western States is doing more and more activities and building up enthusiasm.  Hope to see you all there at the next one.

August 2014

Wow ... we had a great fly-in this past weekend hosted by Alameda County Sheriff’s Air Squadron. We had secured a great hotel at very reasonable prices and provided a good hospitality room for meetings and having snacks. Friday night was a kick off, rib-eye steak BBQ with all of the trimmings to include the freshly picked Brentwood white corn at my hangar at the Livermore Airport. Transportation team operated flawlessly getting people shuttled between the BBQ, Saturday night banquet, the range and the airport for the flying exercises. The Sheriff allowed us to use his premiere range which was enjoyed by all. I understand the flight exercise was well done and everyone really liked it. Our Saturday night BBQ was attended by Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern as well as local Congressman Eric Swalwell. Both had complimentary things to say about the Sheriff’s Air Squadron as well as other volunteer Air Squadrons throughout California. We had a great menu at the Cattlemen’s restaurant with our choice of prime rib, New York steak, salmon and a couple of other dishes. To get the real story, talk to anyone who attended the fly-in, I am sure they will back up this account.

We would like to have at least two if not three fly-ins for next year. We have a commitment for one to be hosted by Fresno in July, their traditional “Hotter N Hell” fly-in.  Hopefully Imperial or Maricopa will come up with a fly-in or one of the other squadrons possibly Yuba Sutter or Napa. Shoots are always welcome and we would like to have a couple of those. Please talk it up in your squadrons and plan on having more of these great exercises. They are informative, a great learning experience and a lot of fun.


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