The Western States Association of Sheriff’s Air Squadrons was founded in 1947 at Bass Lake, California, and in 1956 was incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

The Western States Association of Sheriff’s Air Squadrons acts as a clearing house by allowing member squadrons to share ideas and successes in search, rescue, communications, flight safety, and other vital matters. Several meetings are planned each year. These meetings (Fly-In seminars) are sponsored by the various squadrons and all squadron members from the Western States are encouraged to attend.

Almost every Western States’ gathering includes pistol shooting and flying competitions between the squadrons and individual members. Prizes are awarded for the best individual and team scores. Strict rules for the pistol and flying competition are specified by Western States and all participants are required by Western States to adhere to the rules.

A publication entitled Flight Plan is sent to all members. This publication is used to disseminate safety information, news of squadron activities, and other items of interest to members.

Affairs of Western States are managed by the elected officers and the Squadrons’ Council. This council is composed of individual Squadron Commanders, past Commanders, and such others as may be appointed from among individual squadron members. However, only authorized squadron representatives are permitted to vote.

All individual squadron members are encouraged to attend the meetings. The Squadron Council meetings are held at each gathering or Fly-In seminar to conduct any business and pass along any Western States-related information.

Purpose and Benefits

  • To serve in a major disaster as well as in national and local emergencies.
  • To search for down or lost aircraft.
  • To search for persons lost or in distress.
  • To provide a means of cooperation with the Civil Air Patrol.
  • To promote camaraderie among members through shared interests in aviation and law enforcement.
  • To expand our expertise beyond our own county by helping to develop other squadrons in emergency services of all kinds.
  • To promote a better understanding between the public and law enforcement agencies and flyers through their volunteer status and willingness to help others and through search and rescue operations and other public efforts.

Membership is limited to Sheriff’s and other qualified Police Aero Squadrons thereby developing an excellent rapport among members.
Each year the members attending the Fly-In seminars experience a feeling of individual accomplishment as well as a team spirit in the shooting and flying exercise. In many of these events the spouses of the membership participate as well, allowing everyone attending a chance to demonstrate their skills.

Each Fly-In seminar includes a spot landing, message drop, and safety seminar, with an entertaining awards banquet. Every member attending the Fly-In seminar leaves with a memorable experience and a feeling of belonging to a most worthwhile organization.

It is the intention of Western Stated to invite all the Air Squadrons from all the States of the western United States to enlist in this most gratifying and rewarding association.